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By - Craig Mullins

The Big List of Bug Bounty Programs (2020 Edition)

Use your programming and hacking skills to get paid for discovering and reporting bugs. Start with these bug bounty programs! As our technology advances, major companies are now paying hackers to break into their systems. They challenge these ethical hackers to find the vulnerabilities within their software. This allows them to find the flaws in their systems and fix them.

By - Craig Mullins

High Paying Jobs For College Students

College is tough, and the financial burdens make it even harder. Click here to learn the ultimate list of high paying jobs for college students. Once the excitement of leaving high school has worn off, chances are you’re faced with some of the not-so-fun aspects of college life. Paying your way through college may come as a bit of a shock.

By - Craig Mullins

How to Find an ADHD Coach Near Me

If you or your child has ADHD, you can strongly benefit from an ADHD coach. Read here to learn how to find an ADHD coach near me. You can successfully manage the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by finding a nearby coach. From saving for your kid’s college education to making sure they stay healthy, parents have a lot of

By - Craig Mullins

How to Get a SEMrush Free Trial for 7 days

Did you know that you can get a SEMrush free trial for seven days? You can learn more about this incredible offer by clicking right here. Is your website on the first page of Google? No? Then you need SEMrush to help boost your rankings. SEMrush is considered one of the best search engine marketing tools on the Internet. It provides

By - Craig Mullins

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

French bulldogs are one of the most beloved dog breeds. How much do French Bulldogs cost? Here’s everything you need to know about paying for your Frenchie! You’ve seen them everywhere. From the dog groomers to the dog park, it seems everyone has a French Bulldog. Maybe you should do some research and see if they’re the right choice for

By - Craig Mullins

Bulletproof Backpack for Kids

It’s important to keep kids safe when at school. Click here to learn what a bulletproof backpack for kids is and why your child might need one. No one wants to consider the implications of buying a bulletproof backpack for kids, but the unfortunate reality is that in the United States, school shootings are remarkably common. Rather than deny the

By - Craig Mullins

Mobile Notary Public in Pleasanton CA

Do you need quick, reliable, and professional notary services now? Start with this guide to using a mobile notary in Pleasanton, CA. There are more than 4.4 million notaries registered in the United States. This number continues to grow every year. The mobile notary industry is also continuing to grow. If you need documents notarized in Pleasanton but you don’t

By - Craig Mullins

Best Escape Rooms In The Bay Area – San Fransisco

Sick and tired of researching “escape room Bay Area?” If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. To find out more about it and read reviews, click here! With a unique sense of adventure and a great source of fun puzzles, the escape room has become a staple for great evenings out with friends. Not all escape rooms are equal,

By - Craig Mullins

Law Firm SEO – Search Engine Optimization For Attorneys

It’s the era of online business, which means a scramble for first-page browser rankings among law firms. Use these law firm SEO tips to stand out. You’ve started your own law firm? Looking to upgrade your current online business capability? Well, as an attorney – law firm SEO plays a big part in your visibility and reputation in this digital

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