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By - Craig Mullins


The GoPed Sport is the one GoPed that you must own. It is the original GoPed Scooter, and if you are new to scooting, this is where you want to start. It is the perfect introduction to the GoPed lifestyle, and you will find it easy to use. Are you going to get hooked on the GoPed lifestyle? The GoPed

By - Craig Mullins

GoPed GTR46 Trail Ripper Flat Black

Off-roading is one of the most exciting ways to ride any vehicle. Whether it be a car, motorcycle, moped, or anything else, off-roading is dirty, bumpy fun that the adventurous truly love. It makes you feel alive and gives you that extra boost of adrenaline while giving you true freedom. For the longest time, motorized scooters have been unable to

By - Craig Mullins

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Forex Trading

You have probably heard the term “forex” but do you really know what it means? The best way to look at it is that there are several major money markets – among them the stock exchange and the foreign exchange market (forex). If you are familiar with how the foreign exchange market works you will see that it is by

By - Craig Mullins

What Are Plant Rooters?

Introduction Lately, we are witnessing improvements in farming just like in any other field. Research has shown that more and more people are adapting to new farming techniques and technology no matter the size of the field or the scale of production. Plant rooters have become familiar to many people especially to homeowners who are looking to make their homes

By - Craig Mullins

Understanding Medicare Part C Coverage

More people are opting out of the traditional choice of medicare part A and B coverage. For a variety of reasons, they choose to go with a less restricted, medicare advantage plan. Medicare coverage is something we’re all entitled to once we reach a certain age. For most people, coverage through medicare starts at age 65. Picking out the right

By - Craig Mullins

Forex Carry Trades: Pushing The Odds In Your Favor

Currency trading is an area in finance and investing that continues to get more attention as the technology changes and improves to allow anyone to take advantage of currency markets. There is no market quite like the Forex as leverage allows traders with even just a couple thousand dollars to have control over hundreds of thousands of dollars when trading.